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The existing fountain has become defunct dues to choking of nozzles, which is because of regular dumping of garbage in the lake. Hence, NIT will first desilt the lake before the installation. NIT chairman Shyam Wardhane said in view of past experience, the maintenance of the fountain has been included in the contract. "The contractor will have to ensure that nozzles are cleaned regularly," he told TOI.

The cost of the fountain is Rs 4.80 crore of which Rs 3.80 crore is government grant while the remaining will be contributed by NIT.

A NIT official said the agency had planned to install a 210 metre long fountain. "However, Rs 4.80 crore is not enough for such a big fountain and hence the length was reduced. The fountain will be wave shaped with three big spouts going up to a height of 70 feet. Two of them will be located at two ends and the third will be located at the crest. In between there will be a series of small spouts at uniform distance," he said adding that the fountain would be installed more or less on the location of the existing defunct one.

As the funds are not enough for the original design, NIT has appointed an architect Harish Chandani to prepare a design for a smaller fountain. Chandani said the fountain will be of around 150 metre length.

The cost is high because all the parts will be imported from China and Japan. "We will use the best quality equipment so it does not stop functioning within a few months," the official said.

The performance of fountains in the city has not been good. Six fountains were installed by NIT and Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) but all of them including the one at Futala Lake are no longer working. In one case - below Sitabuldi flyover - anti-social elements stole the parts. The one at Jai Stambh Square was removed after Phase I of Ram Jhula was completed. The remaining four became defunct because of lack of maintenance.

City of defunct fountains:

* Jai Stambh Square (NMC)

* Agrasen Square (NMC)

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