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LEMONT, IL — The School District 113A Educational Foundation recently awarded 19 grants totaling $33,000 for the 2016-2017 school year. Established in 2010, the Foundation has awarded more than $180,000 in grants to the district.

Grant awards were selected from 26 proposals submitted by district faculty. All three schools in the district were awarded grants funded in part by a $10,000 Diamond Grant Underwriter donation from CITGO. Additional funding was provided by local businesses, individual donors and fundraising events.

2016-2017 SD 113A Educational Foundation Grant Awards

Art Explore!

$1,250 awarded to Joanne Mitchell, River Valley School

Lemont Center for the Arts brings local artists to the schools to teach art history and techniques. Students in kindergarten through fifth grades will participate.

Time for Kids

$2,045 awarded to Sue Scott, Oakwood School

Subscription to current events news magazine for all first and second grade students. The magazine provides informational text that can be used across the curriculum and includes additional online resources.

Scholastic News

$315 awarded to Odarka Czerniak and Beata Kresso-Zielonka, Oakwood School

News magazine subscription for English language learners and bilingual students to provide interesting non-fiction text to assist development of vocabulary, comprehension and spoken language.

Keep on Reading: Anytime, Anywhere!

$4,078 awarded to Adrienne Landgrave, Dianna Petrakis and Sue Gray, Oakwood School

Provides access from anywhere to more than 1300 leveled e-books. Students kindergarten through second grade and third through fifth graders receiving reading support—at school, at home or on the go. Students, parents and teachers can all review progress.

Sound System Music Program

$700 awarded to Allyson Zeyen, River Valley School

New portable sound system for River Valley music program.

Sensory Room Materials

$1,000 awarded to Emily Laneve, Old Quarry Middle School

Materials to enhance an existing sensory room for students with disabilities.

Sensory Room Materials

$1,800 awarded to Rebecca Taylor, River Valley School and Jasmin Travis, Oakwood School

Provides materials to create a sensory room for students with disabilities. Classroom enhancements including standing desks and ball chairs will allow students to remain in mainstream classrooms.

Front Row Program for Reading and Math

$3,375 awarded to Sandra Stickly, Suzanne Meyer and Catherine Morgan, River Valley School

One-year subscription to Front Row software to assist teachers in assessing and leveling students' reading and math skills and create individualized instruction plans.

Engaging with a Global Audience on Kidblog

$288 awarded to Bridget Esposito, River Valley School

Third grade students connect with students around the world by blogging on assigned topics, developing 21st century communications skills.

Reading on Fire

$600 awarded to Ann Walker, Old Quarry Middle School

Kindle Fire tablets equipped with a digital library will allow for leveled reading intervention. Using audible books, students can stretch their skills reading above their current levels.

iPads for Language Arts

$864 awarded to Tara Pasiewicz, Old Quarry Middle School

iPad Minis will supplement existing classroom technology to allow students to digitally collaborate on projects, Skype with students around the world and explore the world beyond the classroom walls.

Integrating the 5 C's of 21st Century Education in Social Studies

$2,016 awarded to Melissa Manojlovic and Michelle Nevin, Old Quarry Middle School

iPads will supplement existing classroom technology to increase opportunities to develop skills, communicate with others and delve deeper into topics through independent research.

Recess in a Box

$2,598 awarded to Bev O'Rozco, River Valley School

Supplies to create boxes for each classroom at Oakwood and River Valley to provide creative play opportunities when weather prevents students from enjoying outdoor recess.

iPads for Encore

$2,964 awarded to Jean Dorrance, Old Quarry Middle School

iPads for use by Encore teachers to bring innovation and technology to art, music, health, physical education, language and math labs.

The following grants were funded by the CITGO STEM Grant, which promotes interest and skills in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math.


$2,500 awarded to Sonya Raymond, Old Quarry Middle School

Provides students access to materials for creative projects including robotics parts, electronic circuits, Legos, drones, rockets and snap circuits. Students set goals and plan a project through self-directed learning and collaboration. The program was piloted at River Valley School and will be expanded to include middle school science students.

Seeing and Sharing the World Around Us … Differently

$4,509 awarded to Kim Darche, Old Quarry Middle School

Virtual reality kits, Google Cardboard sets with Android devices, GoPro and innovative cameras will allow students to explore the world from their classrooms and create unique projects.

Breakout EDU: Breaking out of Math!

$942 awarded to Juanita Degroot, Sally Kievert, Bert Trobaugh and Olivia Mattingly, Old Quarry Middle School

Students practice teamwork, problem solving and critical thinking to solve puzzles in a fast-paced team environment.

Breakout EDU

$891 awarded to Michelle Rakoczy, River Valley School

Innovative puzzle games promote creativity, critical thinking and teamwork for fifth grade students.

Building a Better Coastal Erosion System

$260 awarded to Meghan Ehn and Michelle Anderson, Old Quarry Middle School

Students investigate ways to protect shorelines from erosion, then design, engineer and build models to stop or slow coastal erosion.

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