Garden Design Plan

By Linda Isaak

Is it spring yet?

By the time you get this, I hope we will be past these frosty nights and safely into our long growing season. Because we continue to have problems with drought, you might want to take extra time considering drought-tolerant plants to add to your garden, including native plants and grasses. Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service document HLA-6444 has many suggestions.

Before getting spade in hand, be sure to take a new look at the spaces you have for gardening. Consider layers of height, preferred colors, ease of access for tending and watering, natural footpaths in your yard, ease of tending grass and hours of light. Mark out areas you wish to plant and maintain. Prepare and amend soil, then, wait a couple of days to firm up your plans, buy plants or seeds, and get your thoughts together.

A few hardy plants to consider include a wide variety of salvia, sage, hens and chicks, and sedum to consider for ease of care and low water needs. Creeping thyme is a simple low-growing ground cover that needs sun, poor soil, hardly any water, and almost no care. Perfect for Oklahoma. And, it has a savory fragrance when walked on. A darling little flower I was introduced to last summer is the blackfoot daisy. It is just a hardy little plant with a daisy like face that does great in our harsh climate.

Local garden shops are loaded with lots of color to add to the greens, blues and golds of hardy perennials. Your neighborhood shops have enthusiastic helpers on hand to guide your choices if you have questions. 

Putting in a few extra hours in this early part of the growing season, carefully arranging plants, amending the soil and watering will serve you well for the months to come. Enjoy the time outside with the song birds considering what the summer will bring. And, be sure to consider the view of your yard from your neighbor’s point of view. It’s always appreciated to look out a window and see that your neighbor has planted a few beauties just for you, kind of like a little secret garden. Good luck.


Isaak is a member of Garfield County Master Gardeners.

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