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I AM pleased to see the Government is beginning a consultation on the future of primary school testing (The Press, April 3).

I should sound a note of caution however: it is by no means certain that KS1 SATS will be dropped and even if they were, it is the KS2 SATS at the end of Year 6 that are the real source of stress and distress – for both pupils, parents and staff.

Assessment is important but it should be done for the benefit of pupils and staff – to give staff the information they need to help pupils fulfil their potential. It should not be used as a rod with which to beat schools.

The current system serves no-one. The curriculum is becoming skewed while pupils and staff are suffering. Meanwhile business leaders want creative thinkers not rote-learners.

Instead of introducing baseline testing for four and five-year-olds, government should be following the evidence and looking to extend the Early Years Foundation Stage to Year 1.

The current system is undoubtedly not fit for purpose but until we stop conflating pupil progress with school performance, any form of testing will continue to be high pressure, high-stakes and counter-productive.

Jonny Crawshaw, Wentworth Road, York

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