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If this is your look but not your budget, the Amador (€189) and Giro (€219) coat racks from Woo Design both offer some storage as well as coat hooks. Ikea's perfectly respectable Pining coat rack and shoe storage bench combo costs €85 while a Ställ shoe storage unit with four compartments costs €115. The Ikea Ställ range looks very much as though it was "inspired by" Asplund's Snow units, which are well known in Sweden. One of the glorious thing about Swedish interiors is that people aren't snobs, and will happily combine low-cost design from Ikea with design classics that they've had to save up for. Following this example, you might consider that money saved on storage units could be spent on lighting (or vice versa).

"Lighting will create the atmosphere," Goodwin says, suggesting that hallways with a single overhead light source don't need to limit themselves to just one light. The E27 pendant (€75 from Inreda) by Matias Stahlbom is a simple naked lightbulb suspended on a three-metre cable. This cable, which comes in several trendy colours, can be hooked, looped, knotted or otherwise adjusted to direct the light. And, for another €18, you can buy a "multi-canopy" attachment that allows you to suspended several lightbulbs from the one fitting.

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