Furniture Design For Living Room

LG Electronics has teamed with Italian furniture maker Natuzzi Group to create smart furniture that can activate the TV.

The new connected furniture will be shows at Milano Design Week in Italy later this month.

A person could sit on the Natuzzi sofa and say “I want to watch TV,” and the LG Signature OLED TV would turn on and the sofa and lights would adjust for the best viewing, according to the announcement by LG. If the user says to the LG ThinQ smart speaker “I want to take a nap,” the sofa and light switch to sleep mode and the LG Signature Humidifier Air Purifier turns on.

“We wanted to develop a new concept sofa that could communicate with other appliances in the living room,” Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, chief marketing officer of Natuzzi said in the announcement. “LG Electronics is an excellent partner in implementing the IoT environment that utilizes furniture in every living space from living room to living room." 

“Appliances and furniture are always partners in everyday life,” stated Kim Sung-soo, managing director of LG Electronics Italy.



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