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We are proud to present today a new Ubuntu-based (or Remix) Linux distribution, this time for electronics. Called Ubuntu Electronics Remix, or UER for short, it is based on the popular Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) operating system and comes as a Live DVD ISO image with lots of free electronics software. Except for the electronics software, everything else is exactly the same as in the original Ubuntu 9.10 distribution.

The goals of the Ubuntu Electronics Remix operating system are to make Ubuntu easy to use for electronics, to promote the use of 100% and open source applications for electronics, to create a Live CD with electronics programs, and provide good tutorials for using Ubuntu Linux for electronics design. "The software included in Ubuntu Electronics Remix is Free Open Source Software with developed active communities. This means you get all the power of electronic software with all the advantages of open sources software." – was stated on the project's website. You can also access the home page, if you want to get involved in this project!

Among the applications included in Ubuntu Electronics Remix 9.10 we can mention:

· Electric, VLSI design system;

· gEDA schematic editor;

· gEDA attribute editor;

· PCB designer;

· gResistor, resistor calculator;

· Gerber file viewer;

· Piklab, PIC development IDE;

· SDCC and GCC compilers;

· VHDL simulator;

· Verilog simulator;

· gwave, waveform viewer;

· KiCad, electronic schematic diagrams and printed circuit board artwork creator;

· Examples of circuits and code;

· Lots of code editors, such as Anjuta, Geany, Gedit, Emacs, Vi, nano, Kate or Kdevelop;

· Getting Started tutorial;

· Helper scripts for Verilog, VHDL, AVR and others.

Below, you can take a look at some screenshots we took of the electronics software included in Ubuntu Electronics Remix 9.10. Enjoy!

Download Ubuntu Electronics Remix 9.10 right now from >Softpedia


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