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Total agreement here. I think the beancounters at Apple are just buying whatever screens Samsung gives them, the designers at Apple haven’t shown any external innovation for years.

Apple has shown itself incapable of learning from mistakes. Apple leadership only counts unit sales as a measure of success, not usability or user delight. Not only was the loss of a phone jack a mistake, they also blew the location of the power button on several generations of iPhone — putting it directly opposite the volume button sucks. Both could have been easily avoided with a more ergonomic design with curved back for greater internal volume — see the 3GS.

The notch is arguably even more annoying to developers as it is to users who want to see full screen apps without the Ive notch kludge. Increased fragmentation of screen resolution and aspect ratio makes no sense.


Source : http://macdailynews.com/2018/04/17/apple-has-an-iphone-design-problem-its-getting-harder-to-solve/

Apple has an iPhone design problem it’s getting harder to solve
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