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Interesting perspective. While you wait out Apple’s game playing, I’ll be enjoying the iPad Pro/Pencil combo. In six weeks I’ve found absolutely no need — as was the case on iPads 1 (original) through Air 2 — for an external keyboard. In fact, I’m so happy with the iOS keyboard they’ve built into the iPP, I can imagine needing one unless one’s primary mission was text input.

It’s already perfectly fine and easy to hit 50-60wpm to any decent typist and the extra bulk would get it my way. Others, I’ll bet feel 180° different then I. No need for pencil, absolute need for the keyboard. Then the group that finds with the extreme shortage of both post launch, they’ll need neither! Why? Cause it’s the perfect ‘large format’ iPad. If you’ve enjoyed the iPad since 2010, it’s near 10″ version, it’s near 8″ mini sibling, the retina Renaissance and evolution of SoCs — there’s a reason. Maybe you’re a photographer and have found a perfect workflow the the ten hour slab gets ya. A videographer that’s able to make cuts in the field or a private/commercial pilot that enjoys leaving a 50lb. Flight bag in the rear view in lieu of an 8 oz. Mini 2, 3, 4 or… Pardon the pun, one’s favorite model of ‘Air’ in their cockpit. Maybe they’ve grown with the iPad through a couple years of high school and a year of college watching the tablet mature as the student’s needs do the same or you’re just a plain lazy SOB that enjoys media; magazines about stuff you’ll never own, adventures you’re never going to participate in and cars you’ll never drive — movies a month ahead of their BluRay counterpart’s release date through iTunes Store or an app you’ll NEVER see on Android — & of you do, even on their flagship hardware, it’s playability and fluency will never be matched, even by a three year old iOS device ;)

My point is if you’ve waited to buy an iPad Air 3 then

A) you’re silly!

B) you’re interested in something the very fastest iOS device to date can’t do, but that’s impossible ’cause it can do everything. Literally. As all developers are releasing their apps aimed at the A5-6/7 entries to 64bit right now. The A8x in the Air 2 is still a stick of dynamite and it’ll BLOW through ANY worlflow you throw at it. There’s a legitimate reason to upgrade from the iPad 2 —> iPad Air 1 to the second generation BUT there’s NO Reason, at all, period for waiting and ‘looking forward to buying an iPad Air 3 and Apple Pencil this year!’

Why? Cause Pencil wasn’t invented until iPad Pro was. iPad Promwas released along side an extremely well updated Mini 4, with ZERO mention of an update ‘3’ Air version with pencil! How could you look forward to something that doesn’t, didn’t, nor was rumored to exist in the first place? & if it’s a bad ass, powerful 9.7″ iPad (.8″?) there’s nothing on the PLANET, even in iOS world that bests the Air 2!

Anyway, my point pre diatribe was while you continue to wait out the games I’ll continue enjoying and bending minds with the iPad Pro/Pencil combo of incredible engineering…at well under the price I’ve paid for simple Photo Shop and After Effect peripherals themselves in the past. Some in the present. Look at Wacom and a Clintiq –> then realize you’ve got to ‘add a computer’ to make it work

…then, ask yourself WHY Adobe, MS, Autodesk and the big dogs of Cisco, IBM (w/Apple) even Google themselves are spending as much Money, resources and in some cases MORE of both on mobile, specifically iOS development then their decades long, historically proven desk/laptop “software”. — vs the tie in today to that same software at a bargain basement price per month with a terabyte of ‘cloud’ (read; file system storage for that app) storage to boot. Typically ten bucks a month when it was $2,800/year just three ago for the entire suite. A grand a year to update. ALL Specifically geared to aggregate and integrate with the user and their tablet/phone/laptop or desktop — or ALL of them with the continuity Apple so well showed off, then backed up with Handoff of iOS/OS X.

Sorry dude, but if it’s an Air 3 ya want, best take advantage of the phenomenal sales on the Air2 across the world right now …enjoy it like I’ve done the past 15 months and when the iPad Air 3 drops. Sell yours, take a 10/15% hit (remember, you’re gonna save a 150 – two hundred clams right now with the holidays, it’s age and it’s decreased demand) — then get your ‘Air 3/Pencil’ you’re so desperately missing right now!

Or, better yet, Merry Christmas to you. Go BUY The Pro iPad with 128GB LTE/Cellular version, in gold and order the Pencil AND K/B and join us! The ridiculous 12.9″ HiDPI Apple display cult — cause we are happily accepting newcomers, naysayers, ‘in the beginning haters, non-believers and critics’ as maybe you’ll find yourself like me …dismissing it on its introduction, embracing it on its inception and release (it’s already replaced a ½ dozen computers at my business, seriously!). That was me and I’m happy to say my days of replacing MacBook Pros due to spilled drinks, ‘small drops’, and other unseen abuses, the iPP fits squarely into a position, at least for me …and as always, your mileage may vary …that I’m SHOCKED @ its value to what I do to pay my mortgage.

Folks like you get my ire, if only because it’s so VERY obvious how oblivious and ignorant you’re to the power, speed, updates and all around incredible update the Air 2 was to each and every iPad before it through the fourth model iPad. If for only doubling its RAM & greatly increasing the speed of its internal NAND (storage reading and writing ((updating or file transferring etc…)), the SoC’s phenomenal graphic and computational leap in performance (doubling that of the first generation A7 64bit processor and adding a ‘third GPU’ core =A8X) all while keeping the package size the same, battery life the same, increasing LTE & WiFi/BlueTooth radio strengths and internal antenna structure as well as the continued refinement of iOS and developers following — there may be a new King of the Hill iPad when it comes to size (iPad Air Pro) and power (A9) BUT Air 2 doesn’t ‘need’ the power to achieve the SAME options the Air 2 and Mini 4/6S models do with spilt screen and video overlay and options not offered on the A7 and earlier devices

If anything …the non release of the iPad Air 3 makes the Air 2 THAT MUCH More of a device ‘worth it’, either to those of us that jumped at its release or those of you considering an upgrade now at discounts approaching 30-40%**

Off my Soapbox

Excellent Well Done article on the pencil …its pros, cons and future improvements. It’s the one ‘killer’ instrument though that IMHO truly makes the iPP the iPad to beat at this time. Especially if you’ve got the room to stretch out or work within. While the Air 2 and Mini series are hard to beat when pressed for space. That said, I’ve found room in my life for the three of them, and while silly sounding — the sea change its created for the business I’ve run for nearly three decades (as a hobby and as a a way to take care of my family) is astounding. Along with other electronic improvements made to sound, video/still capture and playback as well as ‘control’ — I no longer have to plan entire days to load gear into venues, hire massive X NFL players to load said gear in, and tote milk crates of vinyl around the country side!

Life. Is. Good. And if you’re having a hard time figuring out what you’d use the iPP for given the option to have and enjoy one — you’re really reaching for a life if you can’t find anything interesting in the world of the never ending App Store.

Again, I did at one time agree …in part, with you. “Where’s my Air 3? Not sure I’ll need a pencil, definitely not sure I need to double my display real estate or add a ½ pound …” – But people change. As do our opinions once we’ve used something, seen something actually …and not just read about its merits or ‘de’merits. As there shouldn’t be any of the latter. It’s a 1.0 product that doesn’t compare to any other OEM’s current line of products …Including the Surface line of laptops, one of which I own as Windows is a must for our accountant and Quickbooks — and I’ve found to be ½ okay at ½ of everything. The Windows store is Terrible as far as ANY sort of ‘depth’ of choice and it’s lower powered processing without discreet graphic power chokes on tougher X86 legacy software and current 64bit ‘needy’ apps like After Effects or Media Processing, rendering, transcoding or just coloring finalization can bring it to its knees! This is the area I believe iOS has excelled in, and Apple with its choice of keeping iOS and OS X separate and developers abreast with Xcode and it’s amazing capacity to simulate both/all resolution environments so easily! Windows really ‘should’ be there, looks like they’re on the right track and WILL be the one to dethrone Android as the next best mobile operating system …again IMHO. As its got vertical and horizontal aggregation and integration with ‘home base’, the company’s main frame or just your home iMac for pictures and video repository. No ones going home to transcode their footage, edit it, drop some effects, animate a few titles and color their motion projects, then finalizing on their Chromebooks.

This is possible on a Windows rig though (just painful on the SP3 or 4 and I’m gonna pay as much for a ‘Book’ decked out as the 4980HQ quad core i7 2.8GHz Broadwell, 16GB RAM/1 TB PCIe 4 lane SSD on the 15″ 4.5lb.) The Retina MacBook Pro will actually substitute for a desktop — and wipe the floor with many desktops — making the SP3, 4 or MS Book at $3,200 with same options, just lesser power due to thermals a boutique computer today but tomorrow, if they can penetrate the mobile/cellular markets, it could defitekh defeat and decimate the higher end and flagship Android market like Apple has managed SOLELY because of the the iPhone and it’s MASSIVE growth, contribution to the bottom line and in turn …the ability to devote more to R&D, experiment with excellent products like the iPP & Apple Watch (love mine, was t sure at first again …but I’m 44, worn a watch my entire life and the Apple Watch has become an extension of my iPhone that makes tasks about a dozen times a day, maybe 20 times a day just more convenient — from responses without retrieving my phone, to calculations …again, without the iPhone, to controlling Apple TV and paying for my dinner or groceries with my watch. Too. Cool.

Apple may not be first to most things — I think anymore other OEM’s catch word or rumor of a new Apple product they jump all over it, release half baked alpha then beta platforms while Apple waits those two years out to get their product right and drop theirs only to wax the floor with the last 30 months of sales in total from all OEM stabs in the dark …ala Apple Watch as a Wearable and if getting the iPP Pencil and Keyboard is any indicator at this time of the year (Christmas, Hannukah, Ramadan, or whatever it is YOU do/don’t celebrate — others are and buying a LOT of retail product) — the iPad Pro is going to go down as another Home Run, thanks to Cupertino

By the way, if you’ve not yet (not the fella/gal I’m responding to …anyone in general that made it this far in my post) played with an iPad Pro or had a chance to fiddle for a while …do yourself a favor and do. They’re speakers alone are worth opening the video app and playing two or three minutes of whatever Best Buy, Target or your local Apple Store has loaded in videos. Four speakers, all three times the wattage (power) of the Air 2’s speakers — are mounted in each of the four corners. They’re ‘smart’ speakers and work with the accelerometer and other sensors to figure positioning and sound octaves to play– & from which speaker the way you’re holding the iPad — for the optimum sonic experience

It’s the first iPad you’re easily able to enjoy and get the full experience of a movie, you tube video or trailer without a pair of cans or ear buds. The speakers, new keyboard, phenomenal colors and display properties; brightness, uniformity, a gazillion pixels without a dead one (excellent app, called Spotter, weighs about 350KB in App Store and uses full brightness red, green, blue, white, black and several shades of gray to determine whether you’ve got a burnt or stuck pixel) – to me, magic in engineering as its …what — nearly 10/12 million pixels? That’s knowing what you’re doing, putting your money where your mouth is and designing, distributing and supporting such amazing products

Not everyone will end up needing all of them, most will find a single iPad size perfect. Same with the iPhone and iMac or MBP or MBA or the lack do need of a MBP/MBA because iOS does EVERY task instantly, without needing to boot up, wait til the home screen posts on an ancient HDD, then anothe minute and a half to launch Mail or Chrome to check email as iOS is always on instantly, works off solid state memory with brilliant memory management and compression …seemingly knowing when you’ll need to check mail – Fandago show times or your favorite tune on iTunes Spotify or Google Music — lasts all day, fits in her/his purse/murse and never ever runs outta juice!! The perfect iPhone companion to many with faster than their home ISP D/L and Upload speeds on LTE as well as extraordinary back up abilities, cameras that rivaled anything anyone other than a professional owned over a decade ago and video ‘recorders’/motion capture at ultra high resolution to back up the still shots and memories saved

…and, oh, by the way, how about the ability to edit said motion, 4K UltraHD, as that’s what we’re now shooting on our iPhones and instead of just a single 4K steam, let’s allow the power and RAM/SoC to edit simultaneous 4K steams with transitions, effects and audio …on an iPad. So folks don’t have to carry their rMBP with ’em if they don’t want to!

Buy the iPad Air 2. You’ll be happy you did. When the third Gen drops, cool. Sell 2, buy 3. The very cool attribute of the Apple product you choose, regardless of its type or its age, you’ll ALWAYS maintain a ROI. Especially buying this deep into a cycle, you’re gonna lose less, gain more and QUIT whining about what you ‘really wanted but can’t have cause no one in the world builds it, never has and as a figment of your imagination is best filled with a tangible, for sale and available at an incredibly steep discount right now”. The Air 2

Or, better yet (you’ve got 15-45 days to return, pending where you buy, status as a customer, etc) buy the iPP – sit around all day tomorrow (Christmas day, Friday — Saturday and Sunday – hopefully with a Pencil, I got mine from ?Best Buy online ordering in four days, two weeks ago. Apple was backed up 4-6 weeks @ the time) and through the weekend — & Monday, let’s revisit your thoughts on the iPP

You may never admit it, but I’ll guarantee you love the hell out of it. Don’t return it, and perhaps buy your significant other one as well as he/she won’t put yours down;)

If not the case …you can’t stand it, it’s a joke. Buy the A2. Use it for the duration of the return policy (never know – quiet A9 iPad Air3 release could happen anytime. As the Mini 4 was certainly very quiet and a very tiny part of the iPPs introduction to the world along with iPhone 6s, or even the ultra underpowered 4.5w Skylake model MacBooks that you can get in gold, weigh two pounds and cost a fortune — but are incredibly underpowered, fast as hell storage wise, the battery lasts a couple months but that’s probably because anything more than creating a new document on it brings its fanless little two pound retina self to its knees. Cool idea and one helluva deal she is able to utilize the next round of fanless processing but the same thermal limitations to the SP4 are relevant (even though it’s using the next step up in ULV Intel chips) — they’re just glorified ARM competitors unable to do what they’re invented to do well (X86) and unable to do what the SHOULD SMOKE iOS at … ‘Apps – not software’. As the legacy software boxes of disks and hours of install times with hours afterwards of updates are gone

Today we subscribe to the core apps. We then DL mobile apps. Which integrate with the subscribed to suite and it’s ‘home based’ software and machine. Either for later workflow and heavier lifting or just redundancy and saving of data. That’s where I believe MS needs to further steer the SPro, a fine little rig and a tablet with a helluva lot of horsepower without a track to drive it on. Here’s to MS and its development community with the release of the MUCH better MS 10, it’s absolute inclusiveness of all things Windows, from ten year old XP rigs to three year old Windows phones to yesterays Yoda or ?Yoga 2in1 HP/Dell/ASUS HDD SSD or tablets long since packed in the closet — as this is how they win …make it all encompassing – an easy return to home base and easy integration and aggregation with your mobile devices, regardless of their make, brand or age. If it’s Windows, it’s accepted, decrypted from it’s ancient archives and restructured to fit in today’s ‘code’ and ‘age’ of technology

To me it’s funny how much the iPP is ‘lacking or Apple would’ve been better doing ….fill in the blank’ again with the business I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of for the better part of 30 years now. Today, the iPad Pro is truly a $799 computer in every meaning of the word, most with a wifi set up at home would be MORE than fine and happy with as their ONLY computing device. Pencil. Keyboard. Or neither. Add LTE and another hundred and a ¼ and said person is now connected 24/7 with wickedly fast speeds on most carriers and compared to MANY local ISPs and their greed with bandwidth …or kick down another hundred and you’re rocking 128GB of REAL Fast and available storage as iOS is very light compared with Windows 10 iOS @ 4/5GB compared to Win @ 20/30-35 in some cases? That’s a huge difference looking at pricing and true 128/256/512 updates as running real X86 apps on your SP4 will also double of not octuple storage needs in comparison with its mobile sibling ( look at Premier Capture, PS and it’s ½ dozen variants, Sketch, or DC and compare their iOS counterparts at 100-250MB to their OS X 900MB – 2.8GB {Acrobat is big!} and the plethora of incredibly well facilitated Adobe apps that work directly with Creative Cloud! ) — just another benefit to using and conduction of daily workflow on iOS or Android without carrying a laptop around or even depending on one to finalize your project.

Lastly – I promise, I wanted to add medicine. As its what I’m doing with my mid life crisis, finally graduating with my Physician Assitant ‘degree’ (Electrical Engineering and Health Science double major, long story cause I love radio, flying and mobile entertainment nearly as much as …never mind). The opportunities, third parties and cottage industries born out of what Apple, Goog, MS, Cisco …all are doing RIGHT NOW in the world of health. IMHO, wearable technology won’t be obvious sooner than later. You’ll not know the person next to you is diabetic with constant monitoring of their glucose levels being taken care of on their phone but by a wearable possibly implanted, part of a prescription added to the watch able to test sugars. Blood pressure, lipids and cholesterol, cardiology and patterns of sleep, our breathing and apnea or patterns of loss of breathing while sleeping as well as stress monitoring and exercise ….soooo many benefits to these wearables and advancements, doc visits will be as simple as swiping watch or wallet or necklace, earring, belly button ring or wedding ring on the NFC tab while entering and all health over the last thirty, 90, 180 days will dump into their systems showing heart arythmia and pattern or anomalies, sleep disorders or drinking issues, void of exercise or bad eating and bad physical habits, ALL helping motivate us each to be more active, enjoy more fruitful, active and enjoyable lives …hopefully with added longevity as we’ve successfully achieved as humanity with each passing generation. Aside from super bugs or diseases from aliens, study of our neuro systems, treatment of diseases and prevention of disease will benefit greatly from these wearables as they not only transition our personal communications and lives but our physical and well being too.

Agian, back and around circle to the iPad Pro. As a long time enjoyed of drawing and sketching I’ve fallen out of my hobby due to coaching my kids, playing and doing homework with them, my job and marriage and responsibilities we ALL share as adults and parents. The iPad pro has definitely brought with it one passion I’ve missed and will likely pursue again, drawing and pencil sketching/drafting and architecture. I bought a set of nice sketch pencils and pad yesterday, decent eraser and a half dozen sizes of pencils and charcoal. My Christmas present as I take care of the rest, figured I’d splurge when I saw the $79 kit knocked down 50% with another 50% if I purchased the sketch book ;)

This got way too long, for that I’m sorry. It does seem like either there’s much ignorance surrounding the iPP, just plain ‘hate’ (not a fan of the word but it’s what the kids are using, again I’m 44 and it’s a powerful word, one if you’re young you should reserve for very few and far between instances) or complete and utter closed minded sheep like society.

I always get a kick out of folks trying to disrespect iOS or OS X or Apple fans/owners/users in general but specifically the word iSheep. As I feel like we are the shepherds. Not the sheep. Those of us buying iOS and OS X realize two or three or four years (I sold my 2012 15″ rMBP just two months ago for $1680 on Craigslist, about $800 less than I paid for it and updated to the 2015 rMBP 2.8/16/1TB storage at $400 off w/$100 Best Buy card Ina 24 hour sale last week! $500 off essentially on the top of the line computer usually priced @ $3199, with discounts, sale and the few BB awards I had, I paid $1625, actually ‘banking’ $55!!!! After three years, four months of use! Can’t do that, I’ve tried, dos for two and a ½ decades with ANY OEM’s pre owned or used hardware, Especially a used Win rig!

It’s certainly not something we’ve kept secret but if curious, go to eBay, type iPad Min 2 64GB AT&T ‘completed listings, —> this is a two year two month old, middle pack device and it’s fetching routinely 55-65% of its $629 original retail price or 70-80% of its price after the iPad mini 3 dropped with only the additional finger print scanner. Look at iPhone 4s! They’re still fetching cash five years later! I’ve always gotten my subsidy down payment back and 50% when selling iPhones after two years – can’t do it with Android (I’m ambidextrous here too and own both iPhone and S6 Edge). Unless it’s something unique and missing on current flagship releases, aka the Note 5’s ridiculous A) maximum storage of 64GB on board, no 128 option like my S6 and B) losing the option to ‘add storage’ with MicroSD &/or change the battery — the/my as I won’t get rid of it, Note 4 is fetching a decent $275-$325 where as the same years S5 is lucky to get a bid for $90

When it’s all said and done, the iPad Pro is a win. Maybe you don’t think so, but that’s ONLY because you’re ignorant (not a bad thing, it just takes going to play/touch/use or buy one and spend time to figure it out, reading and regurgitation of what you’ve read isn’t doing you or any readers any justice) OR the iPad Pro isn’t for you, just as a 13″ laptop wasn’t for you in the past, different strokes. IF a 13″ laptop was a part of your past life, or you’re currently enjoying a 12/13/14″ laptop, my money is on the VAST majorities picking/choosing the iPad Pro if given 30 days to replace their current rig and a couple hundred to spend on apps in the App Store to fortify the machine and prove to the user how useful and complete the iPad has become in just FIVE YEARS!


Source : https://9to5mac.com/2015/11/24/review-apple-pencil-for-ipad-pro/

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