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MOUNTAIN HOME, Ark. - Friday night's severe weather dealt damage across the Ozarks both in Missouri and Arkansas. 

Several trees couldn't stand the force of the wind Friday night.

The roof of an assisted living home completely collapsed.

No injuries were reported.

Several structures were damaged at Mountain Home last night. 

One of the homes was the Mravlag's house. A giant tree crashed into their house at around 8:30 P.M. Friday night.

"Wind came, really hard, rain, and sounded like a bomb went off," said Monica Mravlag, the homeowner, "happened so fast we couldn't even do nothing. We have been through a lot of storms, but nothing like this. The whole house felt like it got moved. Hit so hard things from the wall fell, from the shelves fell."

She said, for now, they're just waiting for the insurance company to come and check out the damage.

"To send somebody here so they can assess and we can start doing the cleanup, so we can come back home," Mravlag said.

Over at an apartment complex nearby, a resident was hiding in the bathroom when her apartment roof was ripped off.

"I was like you know, god, please don't let the tornado hit, please don't let it hit, please don't let it hit," said the apartment tenant. "and it just hit you know, it was crazy. I was scared and I was freaking out. Half my apartment is carpeted and half of its linoleum, it was flooding the carpet and the linoleum."

For now, she's unsure of her plans for the near future.

She said, "I plan on just either trying to move back here or I don't know yet, maybe try to find another place somewhere else."

Other residents around town said the storm was so big, they had to hide in their bomb shelter just to be safe.

Mountain Home Police Department's Lieutenant told us there wasn't any severe damage around town.

Residents said they're glad only material things were affected, and not their lives.

Source : http://ozarksfirst.com/news/mountain-home-storm-damage/1122314923

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