Decorating Valentine Ideas


2. Togetherness Is Key to Romance

While some couples need their space, the dynamic duo that brought you Magnolia Homes enjoys spending as much time together as possible and it's what makes their romance work. In an excerpt from their biography The Magnolia Story from 2016 Gaines revealed the key to their working relationship and personal relationship and it's not space.

"One pretty amazing thing we learned early on was that the more time we spent together, the better our relationship was. I think a lot of couples feel the need to get away from each other now and then, to take little breaks, and they come back after a girls' weekend or a guys' fishing trip or something all refreshed and happy to reconnect because they missed each other," she wrote.

"We were just the opposite and still are. We seem to give each other energy. We function better together than we do apart, and I don't think either one of us has ever felt the urge to say, 'I need a break from you,'" she continued. "Don't get me wrong, we've certainly had our share of disappointments and arguments, but we just always wanted to tackle our issues together."

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