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The words "cozy" and "bathroom" might seem mutually exclusive, but a quick Pinterest search of the words reveals they're anything but.

Take a few minutes (read: hours) to scroll through Pinterest's "cozy bathroom ideas" feed, and you'll find images of plant-lined showers, fluffy towels, and candlelit baths so welcoming you can almost feel the warmth of the water creep along your skin.

Dare to close your eyes, and you might believe, just for a moment, that you are actually enveloped in that warm water—that those plants lining the shower, those fluffy towels, and those candles along the bath's edge are yours. That the incredibly cozy bathrooms you've been perusing on Pinterest for the past however many minutes (ahem, hours) belong to you.

Once you finally emerge from this hygge-filled Pinterest black hole, you remember that these bathrooms aren't your own—that you didn't even know the words "cozy" and "bathroom" could go together until you searched the phrase on Pinterest minutes (hours) before.

But now you've been filled with a new resolve to turn your bathroom into a snuggly oasis—the stuff of Pinterest dreams.

Scroll down to find 19 cozy bathroom ideas—simple ways you can elevate your bathroom game (plus 76 products to help you do just that).

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