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Imagine hand-selecting every feature of your home, from the layout and the design to the finishing touches? Sreenath and Sherin did just that when they built their 3,477-square-foot house in Kolazhy near Thrissur.

The couple’s dream home, Mirage, took about three years to be ready. The building is designed as Vastu-compliant, with an intermingling of lush green and open spaces. “Each and every corner of the house is well-planned and when we contacted our architect Bijo Varghese, one of the things that we demanded is avoiding unwanted empty spaces,” says Sherin .

Its bold, contemporary design captures the uncompromising aesthetic of the owners, as well as providing a relaxed, versatile home for their four-year-old son Eklavya.

One of the specialties of the house is the use of greenery in and around. The building is a generous, architecturally designed home nestled subtly among enveloping gardens. The soothing effect that the plants can give is the reason why they have a green lawn outside and plants on both floors. The heart of the building is the landscape courtyard in the center.

The couple handpicked every showpiece and decor from shops in Kochi. “We had to stay there in Kochi for about one week. We wanted everything to be simple and elegant. The taste for antique pieces is visible in our house,” says Sherin.


The light bulbs have specially designed pouches for not revealing the light sources in each corner, all of which are imported. Although the interior design provides enough natural light, they have used spotlights carefully.

With its French windows, lush landscaping and internal courtyard, every room is connected to the outdoors, and the eye is constantly drawn outside. “When we started the discussions with our architect, we recommended the use of glass and sliding doors. Our architect agreed to it and designed the interiors accordingly. Whenever our friends and family members visit us, they are all praises about it,” says Sherin.

The way the staircase is designed is also stunning as the lightness of the staircase compliments the natural light penetrating through the landscape courtyard, making the building come to life. The spaciously designed common area and the wooden pergola deck, just add the elegance.

When asked about her favourite place in the house, Sherin, who is a civil engineer, says, “we were very specific when designed each portion that it has to fulfill the purpose. So I am fond of everything inside. More than anyone I spend lot of time here and it fuels me a lot.”

Sreenath, who works in the ship, was the one who behind the name Mirage, says Sherin. “It was planned prior to the construction. And we wanted to build something that does the justice to that name,” shares Sherin.

Each with their own discerning tastes, Sreenath and Sherin have created a home that is highly considered, yet understated.

“We both very much believe in buying less and choosing well,” Sherin reflects.

“Each piece has some sort of significance and meaning,” she adds.  

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