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In 2015, Hall launched his own studio. All the while he and Campbell have been decorating their apartment, where they’ve lived for the past 8 years. Few spaces throw the tyranny of popular design into sharper relief than theirs, which is filled with Hall’s own ceramics, drawings and preppy pillows; Italian antiques; Memphis lamps; and piles of rare art and design books that cover tables and overflow from shelves above the study. One can hardly examine a single square foot in the apartment without encountering an array of textures and a cornucopia of delicious colors. But it’s not particularly cluttered. “We’re always bringing new things in and taking things out—sometimes we get bored with something and replace it,” Hall says. The apartment’s design is actually more organic than planned. “It’s been through many iterations,” Hall says, including multiple wall color changes. Will it ever be finished? “Sometimes you have to stop and give it a rest for five minutes,” Hall says, “but we love collecting things, so it is always changing.” He and Duncan are particularly fond of collecting ceramics (particularly ones shaped like fruit, vegetables and fish), and often bring curios back from Italy—recent acquisitions include an antique silvered mussel shell from Venice and a ceramic octopus from Capri.

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