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The city's will be seeking local cyclists' input as it plans Kingston's first segregated bikeway along Bath Road.

"We're still on target, we have discussed the design, the evolution of the design with the majority of the stakeholders along the corridor about the upcoming changes," Dan Franco, supervisor of the City of Kingston's engineering department, said on Friday afternoon. "Everyone has a different set of interests that we're all trying to balance and come up with the best design that will satisfy everybody."

Construction on the project is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2017. Franco said the plan is for it be ready for summer.

"There's going to be a physical barrier between the car traffic and the path's traffic; it's going to be a raised island," Franco said. "That's what makes it significant for us. We've always done paved shoulders, then we've upgraded to bike lanes, then we've progressed from bike lanes to buffered bike lanes, which is what you see on Princess Street and in Williamsville on Brock and Johnson streets."

Franco said the separated bikeway would not be possible without the $268,500 from the provincial government announced last March. The cash was part of the province's $10-million Ontario Municipal Cycling Infrastructure Program pledge announced in 2015.

In Kingston, 3.4 kilometres of new cycling infrastructure will be created on either side of Bath Road from the Bayridge Drive overpass and Coverdale Drive to Collins Bay Road. With the province funding 50 per cent, the project is estimated to cost $537,000.

The public will be asked to provide input on 1.7 kilometres of the asphalt trail that travels along Bath Road from Collins Bay Road to Coverdale Drive connecting two sections of the Waterfront Trail currently identified as a hazard.

"We're looking to elevate that 'hazard' note on the map, finally," Franco said. "That's very exciting for us and why it is so significant."

While experienced riders navigate the bend in the road in Collins Bay, it isn't currently safe for a family to bike along there, said Franco. Building this infrastructure will make the area more user-friendly.

"You can have a family going all the way along, feeling a lot more comfortable," Franco said.

With the barrier being about half-a-metre tall, Franco said snow clearing in the winter will be a new challenge, but Public Works has been consulted throughout the entire process. The trail will also be plowed throughout the winter for continued access.

The public meeting will be Tuesday from 6-8 p.m. at Legion 631 at 4034 Bath Rd.

"Hopefully some feedback we'll get is excitement," Franco said. "We're also looking for feedback to see if we've accommodated what [the public] has asked us to look into, as part of the design development we went to the people who will be most impacted and have operational concerns ... So it will looking to see if we've listened to what their concerns were and that we've addressed them." 

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