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Royal wedding: Will we get a date?

It happened as they made roast chicken at Kensington Palace. Prince Harry proposed and his girlfriend, the US actress Meghan Markle, accepted. That having been announced on Monday, we're expecting some more details of the wedding itself later today.

Will that include a date? It's going to happen in the spring, but April is thought unlikely, as that's when the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting her third child. We do know that it will be a church service, but Downing Street says there are no plans to make the couple's wedding day a bank holiday.

Ahead of further announcements, to get you in the mood for the festivities, here's a quiz to test your knowledge of royal weddings through the ages. Also, who might be in line to design the dress? Catch up with the couple's full interview. And, finally, who was the other American in Prince Harry's family?

Hunt: NHS must do better on baby deaths

It's estimated that, in England, 1,000 babies unexpectedly die or are left with severe brain injuries during childbirth each year - that's about one in 700. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said the NHS must do better at learning from its mistakes, in order to reduce that number. All unexpected cases of death or serious harm will now be independently investigated, he added. The Royal College of Midwives welcomed the announcement but said more staff were needed.

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