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The family who owns the Storrs Road home once managed and tended to a working orchard in Peachester, Queensland. Upon retirement they wanted a more sustainable living space in which to enjoy their 18 hectares of property. In response, Tim Stewart Architecture designed a spectacular modern abode for them, which makes use of site-sourced timber, an energy efficient design, rainwater collection and solar heating for hot water.

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The family who lives in the Storrs Road house built a working orchard and farm from the ground up over a 30 year period. Nearing retirement the couple decided to build a new house in a different location to enjoy their property. Sited where the old irrigation tanks once were, the new home is now the epicenter of the property. An old dam, which stored water for the fruit trees, is now the entrance to the home and one gains access over the dam and the pond. The home wraps around a sheltered courtyard and a small garden is now the only farming the family manages.

The home was designed to capture views of the property and provide an intimate connection with nature. More environmentally conscious than their first home, the new Storrs Road home features passive solar design, louvered windows, natural ventilation, energy efficient lighting and solar water heating. Rainwater is collected and stored in a 60,000 liter cistern and all the timber was sourced locally. The timber was either taken from the site or from fire breaks cut through the bushland, and then milled and finished on site.

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