This Bottle Is Your Ultimate All In One Kitchen Tool!

While it occupies the exact footprint of a wine bottle on your kitchen shelf, the Bin 8 is actually pretty much all the kitchen accessories you need, combined into one ‘Swiss Army Bottle’ of sorts. A prime example of utilitarian, artistic, and thoughtful Japanese design, the Bin 8 is a combination of eight kitchen tools stacked one upon the other, made to look like a wine bottle. The bottle’s spout acts as a funnel, and its base, a measuring cup. Sitting in between these two are a citrus juicer, a spice grater, cheese grater, yolk separater, egg masher, and a jar-opening silicone ring.

Stacked together, the Bin 8 occupies much less space than each of those items would individually, and does so with a certain flair that you’d probably use the words “innovative” and “brilliant” to describe. I know I would!

Designer: Bento & Co.

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This bottle is your ultimate all-in-one kitchen tool!
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