The UpCart Deluxe Stair Climbing Handcart Review

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Those who live with stairs know the hassle of moving items up and down them, especially older people with strained backs. Groceries can require multiple trips, and some boxes or furniture can be tricky to carry.

A dolly can sometimes help reduce the load on yourself, but they're hard to control during travel. You have to pull up on the cart for each step to get those wheels over when climbing up. Each step down the stairs feels like a sudden drop that can jostle your carrying load and potentially causing a spill.

The makers of UpCart understood these issues and designed a new dolly with a rotating three-wheel system.


What is it?: UpCart

What does it do?: Carries loads up and down stairs easier.

How do you use it?: Use like a normal dolly; the three-wheel system does the work.

How is it convenient?: Less strain on a user living with stairs in their home.

Overall feedback: Mixed.

Recommended?: Maybe (For light use).

Cost?: $90


The UpCart is a stair-climbing folding hand cart that combines an all-terrain three-wheel chassis with a folding hand cart. It boasts a maximum carrying load of 100 pounds. The way that it works is when you pull the cart against the stairs, the top wheel rotates onto the top of the stair for a smooth transition, supporting the weight while the second wheel follows behind the first.

There are always two wheels in action, touching the ground. The online video on their website also demonstrated that the wheels can work on thick grass and in sand. The UpCart also comes sold with a small bag that attaches to the extendable handle for easier carrying of other small items along with your larger ones. Finally the bottom portion folds in along with the wheels for easy storage.

Ideally, this item is great for older users living alone that need help carrying items around. UpCart is also good for lightweight furniture. However, when it comes to a more heavy duty job, that's when things get dicey.

When I looked up reviews for the product online, I found both supportive and criticizing comments; people like the idea of the three-wheel system, but the cart itself can be too light.

There were stories of some folks loading their carts up and using them on the stairs, only to have pins in the wheels pop off, the plastic joints bending, or the kickstand breaking off. Another issue brought up was that the height of the stairs mattered as well – if the stair step was too tall, you still needed to pull the cart up so that top wheel could go over it.

To be fair, there were also stories shared that claimed their cart lasted a year or so of wear and tear, so actual performance can rely on the individual carts' construction.

I could see value in using this cart myself, especially when I lived out in Lubbock in a second story apartment. I had to make several trips up and down stairs whenever I went grocery shopping, and owning this product would have made me only take one easy trip up the stairs. However, after looking at the lower rated reviews, as much as I would have liked to use this dolly to carry my refrigerator up those stairs as well, it seems I would have to stick to smaller items, and leave the larger furniture to a heavier dolly.

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