SF Mission Group Elicits Design Ideas For A Greenway On Old Rail Line

By Elizabeth Creely

Group asks to hear from those who want – and oppose – the greenway idea

A steady stream of about 50 Mission residents walked through an open gate on Treat Avenue Saturday to participate in a design and planning session organized by the neighborhood group, Friends of the Mission Greenway.

Tree Rubenstein, the lead organizer, handed out name tags made of green tape while a volunteer set up a table loaded with pasta salad and hummus. A bicycle-powered blender was parked nearby in the small gravel lot.

Source : https://blog.sfgate.com/inthemission/2018/04/09/mission-group-elicits-design-ideas-for-a-greenway-on-old-rail-line/

Mission group elicits design ideas for a greenway on old rail line
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