All In The Family: What You Need To Know About TSG Finishing

In 1901, Austrian immigrant Jacob Levy founded Levy’s International Water Shrinking and Drying Company, which preshrunk, steamed and inspected wool fabric for men’s suiting.

Almost 117 years later, Brian Rosenstein—now CEO of the company renamed TSG Finishing—says they’re still doing the exact same thing: taking someone else’s textile product and making it even better.

Founded in Baltimore, Maryland, the original Levy’s treated military dress uniform material for the U.S. government during wartime, something TSG still does today. Jacob Levy had three daughters who maintained the company throughout the ’30s and ’40s. After World War II, Brian’s grandfather and uncle, part of generation three, took the company to the next level by getting into the seating market.

They started with automotive seating and quickly moved into furniture upholstery— putting back coatings and stabilizing treatments on upholstery fabrics. The treatment product they make is called Defend, which essentially turns regular fabrics into performance fabrics, making them safe for the outdoors.

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All In The Family: What you need to know about TSG Finishing
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