A Beginner’s Guide To Traveling On Your Own

For your first solo adventure, Sykora suggests starting small—taking day trips or overnights on your own somewhere close to home. “Use those mini trips to build up your confidence,” she suggests.

She also recommends starting a mindfulness practice if you don’t already have one. It can help you manage any anxiety that comes up when you’re on the road—plus, being able to connect to your intuition and process your emotions will increase your level of self-awareness, which is super-important when traveling alone. “Practicing meditation or going for walks by yourself is a great way to exercise this skill set,” she says.

Aside from your emotional prep work, take time to create a schedule—even if it’s not ironclad. Having certain activities on the agenda throughout your time away from home will give you things to look forward to during your stay. And don’t assume that just because you’re a party of one you’ll be easier to accommodate when it comes to reservations for things like hotels, restaurants, and tours. “Make your itinerary and plan just like you would for a big group,” suggests Annette White, who’s visited 50 countries and counting as the travel blogger behind Bucket List Journey. “Plot your transportation from the airport to your hotel in advance, and make sure to leave a copy of your total itinerary with a friend or family member.”

Source : https://www.wellandgood.com/good-travel/a-beginners-guide-to-traveling-solo/

A beginner’s guide to traveling on your own
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