A Pasadena Garden Mixes Fresh And Modern Design With A Rustic Style

Where Trout had enclosed the rear patio with a high curved block wall to sharply divide the yard into upper and lower sections, Eriksson carved out additional levels for entertaining and other activities. He dropped the old flagstone patio several inches, poured long concrete steps and directed storm runoff so that — like the rain in Spain — it flows from one terrace to the next, soaking through permeable gravel and into the ground. The new outdoor living room, outfitted with a built-in grill and fire bowl, invites lingering after casual get-togethers.

Source : http://www.latimes.com/home/la-hm-nord-eriksson-garden-tour-20180414-htmlstory.html

A Pasadena garden mixes fresh and modern design with a rustic style
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