Shop Visit: 45 three Modern Vintage Home


Nestled in the vibrant Los Angeles neighborhood of Little Ethiopia is Staci Cain’s vintage haven. 45 Three Modern Vintage (1051 1/2 S. Fairfax Ave.) is brimming with brightly colored, beautifully curated finds spanning numerous eras of great design. It’s the kind of vintage shop you could spend hours in–taking in each purposefully placed item, sifting through exotic afghans … Continue reading

Mitchell Street Preservation Society: Jordan Anthony


The rich and storied architecture of Milwaukee is just one of the factors that make the city so unique, as it lays the foundation for the city’s soul, revealing its past and shaping its future. Frank Lloyd Wright believed “The mother art is architecture. Without an architecture of our own we have no soul of … Continue reading

Just Launched: Home Again Shop on Etsy!


I like to think it’s all the little stuff that makes a house a home. Big pieces are easier to come by, it’s the smaller, personal and storied items that take time, but inevitably make a space more interesting. Home Again Shop on Etsy is a collection of those lovely little things that make home, … Continue reading

The Poetics of Space: Ashley Morgan


A little less than a year ago, Ashley Morgan’s shared home was featured in the Home Again post, “Subject to Change.” Ashley’s own study and exploration of the nature and dynamics of change couldn’t be more fitting given her continuous experience with it (better fodder for her art). One of her latest transitions is a … Continue reading

Just Launched: Wind & Water Co. Etsy Shop!


Scoring an amazing find at a thrift or antique store, rummage or flea market is one of the things I live for. My good friend Dana and I were doing just that a few weeks ago but soon realized we had very little space to house any more dish sets, antique furniture and adorable knickknacks. … Continue reading

A Classy, Sassy Christmas with Angelina Krahn


If my dear friend Angelina Krahn were ever to go head-to-head with Martha Stewart, my bet would be that Ms. Krahn would have a few things to teach the old battle-ax. Sure, they both could whip up a five course French meal with a pot of Coq au Vin as the centerpiece and a beautifully decorated … Continue reading

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