Journey to the West


In November 2012, Travis and I packed up our belongings and finally headed westward, to the City of Dreams. The move to California had been a long time coming. I lived in Milwaukee, WI for a fruitful and serendipitous seven years (and before that New York), all the while thinking I’d make it back home … Continue reading

Paint It Black: Samuel J Macon


It’s incredibly fitting to feature Sam on the ever-important holiday of Halloween. For most of Sam’s life he’s been fascinated, or as he admits “borderline obsessed” by all things macabre and strange. Films like Raiders of the Lost Arc, ET and Jaws, which despite their advisory ratings, he managed to see before the age of five, … Continue reading

Down By the Sea: Travels through the Dominican Republic


After photographing Charles Dwyer’s home, I took with me his want for aging things, whether it be to physically ware away a piece of furniture for that bit of desired character or allowing time to naturally color its patina onto a photograph.  Time allows for reflection which more and more I find there’s less and … Continue reading

The Strange and the Beautiful: Road Tripping through Arizona


So, 2011 came to an end but not before turning 30 and celebrating by taking a spellbinding road trip from Los Angeles to and through the mysterious state of Arizona. Our final destination may have been the Grand Canyon but there were quite a few strange and beautiful places to take in before arriving. Through film and digital … Continue reading

An Affair to Remember


I never really understood the huge fuss about weddings. While I appreciate the importance and whole heartedly respect the union of two people in love, it’s the bells and whistles, the expensive price tags and the extravagance that baffles me–it’s just not my taste. And I guess it doesn’t have to be, it’s not my … Continue reading

A New York Hustle: Nikki Tappa


You’d be hard pressed to find a Midwest gal with deeper/realer pride for her hometown than Nikki Tappa, and her home reveals that pride pretty clearly. Though her heart may forever remain in Milwaukee, Brooklyn is where she’s called home for the last year and a half. It only seemed a natural progression after six … Continue reading

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