Ride On: Scott Johnson & Maureen Post


Scott Johnson and Maureen Post’s home is so much the antithesis of the sterile, minimalist space that fills page after page of interior design and architecture magazines. Where those lack in character and soul, their’s fills to the rim with warmth, character and charm. You won’t find fancy pieces out of a catalogue–their home furnishings … Continue reading

Life in Art: Charles Dwyer


How I came to photograph artist Charles Dwyer’s home was really quite simple. Milwaukee artist and friend Faythe Levine, and a few others suggested I take a look at his place. But before reaching out, I had the pleasure of meeting him by chance one afternoon (as so happens in this small city sometimes). And … Continue reading

The Poetics of Space: Ashley Morgan


A little less than a year ago, Ashley Morgan’s shared home was featured in the Home Again post, “Subject to Change.” Ashley’s own study and exploration of the nature and dynamics of change couldn’t be more fitting given her continuous experience with it (better fodder for her art). One of her latest transitions is a … Continue reading

Vision Quest: Evan Ross Murphy


Imagine back to a time of frontier lands, desert landscapes littered with thatched roofs and teepees, where tool making and primitive skills determined survival. To begin to understand Evan Ross Murphy’s vision, one must see the aforementioned land but with a twist of magical realism; coyotes and bison are man’s best friend, cowboys and Indians … Continue reading

Everything, Everywhere, All of the Time: Faythe Levine


Faythe Levine and boyfriend Aaron Polasnsky live in a second story walk-up above what used to be Paper Boat Boutique & Gallery, Faythe and friend Kim Kisiolek’s shop which exclusively worked with independent artists, crafters & designers to showcase and sell handmade goods. The shop closed down in April of 2009 but Faythe’s career as an … Continue reading

Creative Comfort: Vincenzo and Brook


The term “creativity” has never been more appropriate on Home Again than when referencing Vincenzo Maniscalco and Brook Slane. Their ideas, imagination and more importantly, the production of their artistic work are visible in every crevice and corner of their brilliant Bay View home. Though the two work as full time artists for Kohl’s Corporation, also where … Continue reading

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