Paint It Black: Samuel J Macon


It’s incredibly fitting to feature Sam on the ever-important holiday of Halloween. For most of Sam’s life he’s been fascinated, or as he admits “borderline obsessed” by all things macabre and strange. Films like Raiders of the Lost Arc, ET and Jaws, which despite their advisory ratings, he managed to see before the age of five, … Continue reading

Life in Art: Charles Dwyer


How I came to photograph artist Charles Dwyer’s home was really quite simple. Milwaukee artist and friend Faythe Levine, and a few others suggested I take a look at his place. But before reaching out, I had the pleasure of meeting him by chance one afternoon (as so happens in this small city sometimes). And … Continue reading

All Grown Up: Saba Sadeghi


At the ripe age of twenty-four, Saba Sadeghi, my younger brother from another mother, possesses the style and wisdom of a man twice his age, carrying an aire of elegance that conjures the ghosts of Carey Grant and Laurence Olivier. It’s rarely a surprise to find Saba sporting a three-piece tuxedo while attending the opera or … Continue reading

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