Mitchell Street Preservation Society: Jordan Anthony


The rich and storied architecture of Milwaukee is just one of the factors that make the city so unique, as it lays the foundation for the city’s soul, revealing its past and shaping its future. Frank Lloyd Wright believed “The mother art is architecture. Without an architecture of our own we have no soul of … Continue reading

Life in Art: Charles Dwyer


How I came to photograph artist Charles Dwyer’s home was really quite simple. Milwaukee artist and friend Faythe Levine, and a few others suggested I take a look at his place. But before reaching out, I had the pleasure of meeting him by chance one afternoon (as so happens in this small city sometimes). And … Continue reading

Reel to Real: Studio visit with Dave Kiehl


So many of us dread going into the office each day, shitty bosses aside, for the sole reason that the space in which we spend so much of our precious time, exists as a soul-sucking, personality-lacking, uninspired, or worse, cookie-cutter mess of a place. I’ve certainly dealt with my fair share of lackluster offices and … Continue reading

A Midcentury Dream: Ashley & Kevin

Kevin & Ashley--so cute together!

When Ashley Brooks started buying vintage furniture “out of necessity at first, it was cheaper than anything else,” she didn’t realize that years later she would have amassed an impressive collection of midcentury pieces and the most perfect home to display them in. Ashley and Kevin’s home in Fox Point feels more like Venice Beach, … Continue reading

Style on a Budget: Cassandra & Jacob

Cassie and Jake in their midcentury inspired dining room

As much as we aspire to fill our homes with pretty things, at a certain point we must face the undeniable cold hard reality: we can’t always afford them. The Room & Board Reese leather sectional or New Traditionalist’s Credenza no. Eight Forty might make you want to blow your savings but most of the time … Continue reading

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