Shop Visit: 45 three Modern Vintage Home


Nestled in the vibrant Los Angeles neighborhood of Little Ethiopia is Staci Cain’s vintage haven. 45 Three Modern Vintage (1051 1/2 S. Fairfax Ave.) is brimming with brightly colored, beautifully curated finds spanning numerous eras of great design. It’s the kind of vintage shop you could spend hours in–taking in each purposefully placed item, sifting through exotic afghans … Continue reading

Paint It Black: Samuel J Macon


It’s incredibly fitting to feature Sam on the ever-important holiday of Halloween. For most of Sam’s life he’s been fascinated, or as he admits “borderline obsessed” by all things macabre and strange. Films like Raiders of the Lost Arc, ET and Jaws, which despite their advisory ratings, he managed to see before the age of five, … Continue reading

Everything, Everywhere, All of the Time: Faythe Levine


Faythe Levine and boyfriend Aaron Polasnsky live in a second story walk-up above what used to be Paper Boat Boutique & Gallery, Faythe and friend Kim Kisiolek’s shop which exclusively worked with independent artists, crafters & designers to showcase and sell handmade goods. The shop closed down in April of 2009 but Faythe’s career as an … Continue reading

Creative Comfort: Vincenzo and Brook


The term “creativity” has never been more appropriate on Home Again than when referencing Vincenzo Maniscalco and Brook Slane. Their ideas, imagination and more importantly, the production of their artistic work are visible in every crevice and corner of their brilliant Bay View home. Though the two work as full time artists for Kohl’s Corporation, also where … Continue reading

Reel to Real: Studio visit with Dave Kiehl


So many of us dread going into the office each day, shitty bosses aside, for the sole reason that the space in which we spend so much of our precious time, exists as a soul-sucking, personality-lacking, uninspired, or worse, cookie-cutter mess of a place. I’ve certainly dealt with my fair share of lackluster offices and … Continue reading

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