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Wild At Heart

I’ve made a tradition of hitting the road come my birthday. Taking a road trip when the clock strikes another year from birth is ideal clearing the head-gaining perspective-taking in sights and listening to jams-time. It’s a great excuse to make a few mixes and give yourself some distance from the unavoidable doldrums of daily … Continue reading


Little Friends of Printmaking: Melissa and James Buchanan

Some things are just meant to be. Like when husband and wife art/design team, Melissa and James met in a 2D design class at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Both were studying printmaking some fifteen years ago when they forged a friendship over mutual appreciation of each other’s work, music (impressing one another with records they’d … Continue reading

New Work: Backpacker Bush Music Video

What started out as doing props and set dressing on a Sarah Silverman video (here’s episode 1) for the folks over at Jash, somehow turned into production designing this hilarious music video directed by Eric Wareheim (of Tim & Eric). I’m super pleased with how scummy and Euro-trashy the bar and hostel turned out. Check … Continue reading


Journey to the West

In November 2012, Travis and I packed up our belongings and finally headed westward, to the City of Dreams. The move to California had been a long time coming. I lived in Milwaukee, WI for a fruitful and serendipitous seven years (and before that New York), all the while thinking I’d make it back home … Continue reading


Paint It Black: Samuel J Macon

It’s incredibly fitting to feature Sam on the ever-important holiday of Halloween. For most of Sam’s life he’s been fascinated, or as he admits “borderline obsessed” by all things macabre and strange. Films like Raiders of the Lost Arc, ET and Jaws, which despite their advisory ratings, he managed to see before the age of five, … Continue reading


Mitchell Street Preservation Society: Jordan Anthony

The rich and storied architecture of Milwaukee is just one of the factors that make the city so unique, as it lays the foundation for the city’s soul, revealing its past and shaping its future. Frank Lloyd Wright believed “The mother art is architecture. Without an architecture of our own we have no soul of … Continue reading

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